Battlefield 4 Hacks

Battlefield 4 Hacks with Aimbot

We are proud to present you the next level BF4 Hacks with a new Multi-hack system that is totally undetectable. So far our tests during the beta have been successful and the hack is working flawlessly. With this cheat you will be able to dominate the game and reach the top with ease. The hack is currently undetected and undetectable and will be updated automatically when a new patch is released.

Please leave feedback on the comment section below and give us ideas for new features that you would like us to implement.

This is the best free BF4 Hack you can find anywhere online and comparable with the pricey private hacks you see being sold around on the cheating forums. We improved tremendously the response time and the overall hack performance with the latest updates and made sure it remains undetectable for a long period of time.

Some of the features include a new dynamical Aimbot with lots of options that you can play around with. Optimized Wallhack and a bug free Speedhack.

Battlefield 4 Hacks

Battlefield 4 Hack Features

  • Aimbot – Shoot with godlike precision with the new and improved BF4 Aimbot.
  • Wallhack – No place to hide! See your enemies trough walls and structures and shoot them down with no mercy.
  • SpeedHack – Greatly enhances your movement speed giving you an edge over your opponents.
  • Supported Platforms: XBOX 360 , PS3 and PC. This hack is working for all three current platforms (XBOX 360, Playstation 3 and PC). No bugs were detected during testing and the cheat remains undetected.

Game info

We were in Stockholm for the developers of DICE and have tested the new battlefield 4. Because we could play the shooter in the brand new PS4 release, we explain you based on the next-gen version, what you hear from the campaign and more than extensive multiplayer mode to expect. Impressions of the other versions will follow at a later date. Read the test to battlefield 4 about the consistent further development of the shooter series.

Battlefield 4 in the test: Two years ago made DICE of the call of duty series strong competition and losing OPS 2 in the fight for the shooter fans only narrowly defeated black Crown. This time the Swedish developers have several ACEs in the sleeve and want about with a thrilling campaign, the brand new frostbite-3 graphics engine and a stunning range of call of duty multiplayer: ghosts read the riot act.

Whether the Bill goes up, we could convince us on a several-day test event in Stockholm itself. The event not only due to battlefield 4: in the Northern metropolis was interesting we could with extensively for the first time Sony of Saifuddin PlayStation 4 reading and must say that we us more than gorgeous have understood from the first moment with our favorite next-gen console. Impressions of battlefield 4 on PC and other platforms by the way follow at a later date. Update: We have expanded the test to a video with the review of the PC version, as well as the score for battlefield 4 on PC. Update 2: at the end of the test by battlefield 4 you will find facts and classifications to the Xbox one version now.