Legacy of the Void Hacks

Updated Map Hack for the Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void expansion

The new Starcraft 2 expansion is upon us and we are happy to share with you the latest public hacks for the game. Usually we don’t provide cheats for strategy games but since this is a very searched tool we decided to look for free software that can be useful for our visitors. As you know Starcraft is a RTS that thrives on scouting and predicting what your opponent is doing. With this new map hack you can see trough the fog of war and know what your enemy is ¬†building at any giving time. Another interesting aspect of this legacy of the void cheat is the updated construction tab hack that provides a level of ¬†safety for any hacker as you can still see what your opponent is producing without the need of looking at their base, this makes the use of the software pretty undetectable and if you are careful enough you can play thousands of games without anyone noticing that you are using cheats. Blizzard tried to make Starcraft 2 cheating-proof with their latest 3.0 update but this software uses a different system and is able to bypasse this new security measures.


legacy of the void hacks



  • Map Revealer
  • Undetectable
  • Show the enemy production tab
  • Patch 3.0 compatible